iranGrain is the largest scientific-commercial gathering in the field of grains from farm to the fork for those interested in Iran’s grain market, which organizes international conferences and specialized workshops with the presence of activists and main stakeholders in the field of grain industry. “iranGrain” focuses on the strategic market of Iran and tries to bring together the main players and activists of the private and public sectors under one roof.

The purpose of holding the conference:

• Provides information about new technologies in the field of machinery, production and commerce to people and organizations that are interested in the complete grain cycle
• Holding seminars in the field of grains and inviting experts to exchange information with interested parties
• Holding an annual conference to establish communication between companies, organizations and individuals in the field of grain production and exploitation and modern technology.
• Reducing and eliminating obstacles in the grain sector such as import, export, commerce and banking affairs
• Creating a communication bridge with various foreign companies, organizations and groups
• Creating appropriate solutions to remove obstacles in doing banking and legal affairs
• Creation of a scientific department by inviting related professors to lecture and exchange information and knowledge in this field in order to get to know the daily issues of grain from farm to the fork

Board of Directors

Hossein Ziaian

IranGrain Conference Chairman of the Board

Merzad Jamshidi

IAOM Regional Chairman - Middle East African Region

Sharif Nezam Mafi

Chairman of the Board of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce

Alireza Karimi

Head of Coordination Center of Knowledge Chain Industry of Wheat, Flour and Bread

Hossein Yazdjerdi

President of Trans Iran Association of Millers

Kaveh Zargaran

Trade Commission President at Iran Chamber

Mohammad Mortazavi

Chairman of the Board of Food Industries Associations

Executive Team

Afsaneh Mohammadi

Iran Section Manager

Sara Rasekhi

International Communication Manager

Saadat Cyrus

Stage Manager

Sina Rashidi

Media Manager

Sahar Ghanbari

Public Relations Manager

iranGrain Future?

Iran's market size is not comparable to any other in the region. So iranGrain gives companies in different countries a lot of opportunity to get in touch with establishing networking programs.

In the time of "Pandemic"

An interview with the executive director of iranGrain conference - Mr. Sharif Nezam Mafi, discussing the future of iranGrain in the light of COVID-19 and how important is iranGrain in overall business in Iran and the impact of Swiss Humanitarian Channel on the future grain business with Iran.