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Given the realities of COVID-19, iranGrain decided to publish a reference book titled “iranGrain Outlook 2020”, encompassing the grain value chain of seeds, collection, storage, shipping, trade, legal, banking, inspection, milling, related technologies, innovation, etc. The launch of the comprehensive iranGrain book 2020-21 (with the cooperation of 42 authors and the support of 38 international and Iranian companies in the Iranian grain industry) after a year of effort, hold on 13 June 2021.

In continuation of the activity of iranGrain organization in 2019, unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, we were not able to hold this event in person, for this reason, the board of directors decided to compile a comprehensive book on grains, oilseeds and related industries, which will be used as a reference by activists in this area. In order to achieve this goal, an editorial board from the board of directors of iranGrain gathered with the cooperation of experts and those involved in this field. In this way, with the presence of 42 authors and the support of 38 international and Iranian companies, after a year of efforts, the iranGrain Year Book was published and on June 13, 2021, an unveiling ceremony was held in an open space with limited capacity.

Sponsors of the iranGrain Book